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One of the last pictures I took on my vacation last summer.
It started to get dark so I thought it was time to test pushing a Fuji NS160 roll. Dont really know what I think though. It got a bit too dark in the shadows so I’ll try exposing the next roll a bit better.

Recently black and white film has been more my thing. Really like it and since its winter in Sweden color films feels boring. Especially with no beautiful green colours out there.

still thinking about processing my own film..
Is it that fun?


giving it a try

Looking forward to see how this homepage project will turn out.
Im not a social media pro and probably wont be able to keep new content turning up on a regular basis. I have a job you know.
But since I try to bring my camera out as often as possible I hope I can post something every week (?)

Been thinking about starting to process my own film instead of sending it to a lab but dont know if its worth the time. I know what I get from the lab and since the shooting and scanning is more fun I dont really see the point yet.

An other thing I’ve thought about is prints.
Im thinking of adding a print library to the site with prints available.
Physical photographs is just more fun than looking on a screen.